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The Saginaw Police Department is a member of the Saginaw County Prevention Coalition


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To be successful, Saginaw County’s prevention system must involve partners of agencies, faith-based organizations, and individuals that are committed to decreasing substance use disorder through a collaborative and coordinated process of:

● comprehensive community planning for and evaluation of outcomes;

● promoting evidence-based strategies;

● maximizing resources for youth, families, and communities;

● using data from sources such as local surveys and the Michigan Substance Use Data Repository to guide practice and program planning.


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To promote a healthier community for all by developing a sustainable and effective substance abuse prevention strategy that fills in gaps in services, prioritizes resources, and reduces overlap.


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1. Reduce underage alcohol use

2. Reduce Youth Marijuana use

3. Expand Coalition capacity through partnerships

4. Increase advocacy to impact community norms and availability (ex: retail availability, social availability, etc.)

Saginaw County Prevention Coalition

SCPC is a community coalition of youth, parents, schools, coaches, librarians, doctors, nurses, police officers, faith based organizations, business owners, civic groups, and community members who want to prevent youth substance use.

Our Saginaw community have organized a SCPC coalition. Together, the SCPC has more than 1,000 volunteers donating time and energy. Anyone age 10 and up can join by working on a project, helping at an event, or coming to a meeting. Our strength comes from our members as we work to create positive changes in our community.

Guiding Principles / Values

Build Trust Through…

• Transparency

• Open Communication

• Being A Safe Place To Collaborate

Providing Training and Technical Assistance

Our workshops help parents with communication, bonding, and setting rules & boundaries. Parents, guardians and/or grandparents are welcome to attend.

Connect To Other Collaborations

As a coalition, SCPC could implement community-wide strategies with youth, parents, and other adults working together to address the problem.

Relevant for Community

Kids who use drugs or alcohol are more likely to have problems with school, health, family, friends, and law enforcement.

They’re more likely to get in physical fights and car crashes. They’re more likely to suffer from memory and learning problems. They’re more likely to engage in high risk sexual behavior. And the earlier they start using, the more likely they are to develop addiction.